Clay building workshop auf Sardinien

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  • Ort: Orteduso

Clay building workshop with Isabella Breda and Kenji Matsuki

14 (afternoon) – 17 November 2019

For whom is the workshop suitable?

Men, women, lay people, experts, architects, engineers, craftsmen, house builders, artists, nature lovers and generally for all people who are interested in circulatory systems and are interested in (construction) ecology. Max. 20 participants

Content of the workshop

A little theory and a lot of practice:

  • Properties and treatment of clay
  • Preparation of plaster groundings
  • Production of various plaster mixtures (based on pit clay, clay powder, ready mixes)
  • Under and over plaster
  • Incorporation of reinforcement fabric
  • Apply clay plaster
  • Finishing of plaster surfaces (rubbing, sponging, smoothing)
  • Discussion of various possibilities of surface treatment and design on the basis of specific room examples (different wall colors, colored plasters, brush coats)

The focal points are determined by the participants. The seminar is dedicated exclusively to the clay plaster.

What are we working on: The artistic interior plastering of the first small residential wood / mud house on Su Orteduso of about 30 square meters.


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